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Our company provides a series of services to our customers, which are detailed below:
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1. Hot Water Extraction and Rotary Shampoo, Dual System Process

  • This has been proven as the most effective method of removing soils and allergens which have collected deep into the carpets pile.
  • Before proceeding, Touch Dry Restoration test the fabric for colour fastness to ensure the colours are stable and eliminate the risk of the dye bleed, where colours run into one another.
  • Provided carpets or rugs are safe to clean with water, we proceed and begin by firstly thoroughly vacuuming them to remove the dry soil. This is important as skipping this procedure will simply turn the dry soil into wet mud, which spreads the dirt, thus making it impossible to remove it all.
  • We then begin pre-treating all spots and stains by spraying the carpet with a general spotting cleaning agent and agitating the spray deep into the pile with our power brush. The pre-spray and agitation releases the soil from the fibres and brings it to the surface over the course of 10 minutes.
  • We repeat this procedure on the rest of the carpet prior to extraction.
  • Some stains will have to be given special treatment with specific cleaning fluids designed to remove them be it urine, wine, rust, ink etc.
  • Next is the soil extraction. Our powerful industrial cleaning machine injects hot water and another rinsing agent to neutralise the carpet, removing the soil and residues from the fibres.
  • Finally, the carpet is combed to open the pile to assist with drying and an air moving machine is also used to speed dry the carpet.
  • During the cleaning process, our operators will move all furniture that is safe to do so using furniture sliders and will replace it carefully. Any items which have been moved that have wooden or metal feet are replaced with foil beneath the feet to ensure no rust or varnish marks are caused by the slightly damp carpet making contact.
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2. Upholstery Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning

  • Having determined that the fabric on your upholstery is safe to wet clean, Touch Dry Restoration will test the colours for fastness to ensure they will not bleed and run into one another. We then proceed with cleaning following the same steps as with steam cleaning the carpets, but conducting the agitation stage manually with a soft upholstery brush.
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3. Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Zero Drying Time

  • Where we identify that a carpet cannot be wet cleaned due to the nature of the fibre or construction, or in cases where the customer would prefer a dry-clean service, we are trained and equipped to deliver.
  • First we thoroughly vacuum the carpets to remove all the dry soil as this makes up to 69% of the soil in the carpet.
  • Once the vacuuming has been completed, we pre-treat all spots and stains.
  • We then sprinkle an organic dry compound powder over the carpet which is then lightly agitated into the fibres with our motorised power brush and left for up to 45 minutes to dwell encapsulating the soil in the carpet.
  • Finally, we vacuum the carpet to remove the compound and absorbed dirt and allergens.
  • This service benefits those who have carpets which are prone to shrinkage, cellulosic browning and customers for whom minimal drying time is of the absolute essence. It should be noted, however, that dry-cleaning has proven to be less effective than water extraction at removing soil deep in the pile and in general restoration.
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4. Dry Upholstery Cleaning Service

This service is for customers who have wet sensitive upholstery, such as some cotton, linen fabrics, hessian, natural crush velvets etc.

The fabrics can be spoilt if cleaned with the wet cleaning process and so we offer a Dry Cleaning system which is completely safe for the fabric. It does however require the use of dry odourless spirit solvent cleaners, which are regarded as toxic and therefore require the area to be avoided for up to 24 hours after the cleaning has been carried out. 
  1. We remove solvent and soil with new towels and extract as much of the solvent as possible with our powerful extraction unit.
  2. Then we apply the solvents by spray and/or towels soaked in solvent and rub the fabric down section by section
  3. We remove solvent and soil with other towels and our extract as much of the solvent as possible with our powerful extraction unit.
It should be noted that this system is very much a maintenance preventative cleaning system. It should used well in advance of the fabric becoming visibly dirty as the results of improvement to soiled fabric are moderate and not in anyway restorative. Solvents are effective at breaking down grease and oils. Engrained soil, marks and stains which are not of an oily nature will not be effectively removed.
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5. Spot and Stain Removal

  • Sometimes there is call for this service. Perhaps you have a spillage on a new carpet or on one that has just been cleaned. Touch Dry Restoration can perform advanced spot and stain removal.
  • It is worth noting that some stains can become permanent depending on the carpet fibre, the age of the stain and the temperature of the spillage at the time of the accident.
  • However in most cases, if the stain cannot be completely removed, Touch Dry Restoration will significantly improve the appearance, making it less visible.
  • Stain removal can be time consuming as in many cases the initial treatment and extraction will be repeated several times to get the best result.
  • This does mean however that the stain has to be dried after each attempt to determine the true result as they can appear to have gone, but then re-appear once dry. Touch Dry Restoration will use a hair drier to speed dry the affected part of the carpet as quickly as possible so that our customers can see what the final result is before we leave.
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6. Scotchgard Carpet and Upholstery Protection

  • Touch Dry Restoration can apply Scotchgard Protector for carpets, rugs and upholstery. Scotchgarding provides protection from the tips of the fibre all the way to the carpet backing delivering superb treatment efficiency. Fabrics treated with Scotchgard Protector are more resistant to staining and soiling and are easier to clean, so they stay looking good for longer. Protected carpets and upholstery stay clean 2 – 3 times longer than a similar untreated carpet.
Q: How long does the Scotchgard Protector last?
A: Under normal usage, Scotchgard Protector will provide long-lasting benefits.

Q: Why doesn't water 'bead up' on carpet featuring Scotchgard Protector?
A: Not all carpet fibres show beading when liquid is spilled- this depends on the carpet weave. However, this does not affect the stain and soil resistance of the treated carpet.

Q: Does Scotchgard Protector 'waterproof' carpet?
A: No – this is not its primary objective. However, it will provide improved resistance to water-based substances.

Q: Is Scotchgard Protector safe for children and pets?
A: Yes – the products have been extensively tested and have been safely used in homes for over 20 years.
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