Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

(Based on the National Carpet Cleaners Association’s recommendations to all members)
Quotation / Invoice: All Fabrics indicated above will be cleaned using the appropriate cleaning solutions to deliver a high standard of work. Our intention is always to restore carpets and upholstery to their very best. Because of age and wear and tear of some fabrics, we are at times limited in achieving the desired results but promise to work safely and take the time necessary to do the best job possible. The client agrees to provide water and electricity supplies to carry out the service as required. All tools, equipment, materials and labour will be provided by Touch Dry Restoration. Payment for the work will be required on satisfactory completion of the job.

1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by us to the contrary (a) these conditions of contract (which supersede any earlier conditions) shall apply to all quotations issued by the company and to any contract arising therefrom and no waiver thereof or variation or addition thereto shall be binding by the company (b) these conditions shall override any terms or conditions stipulated or referred to by the customer whether in order or in any negotiation.

2. Unless withdrawn in the interim, quotations are open for acceptance for a period of thirty days from the date of issue.

3. For the avoidance of doubt these conditions of contract shall apply wheresoever the work is carried out.

4. Unless notified in writing prior to formation of contract, no article shall be deemed of greater value than its original purchase price or value assigned to the article an independent valuation agent. The cost of articles of an especially high value must be notified in writing prior to formation of contract.

5. Payment of work and services shall be made by cash or approved cheque on completion of work. Credit may be allowed only by prior agreement and then shall be for a maximum of 28 days from date of invoice.

6. All costs incurred by the company in the pursuit for late payment will be added to the outstanding amount owing.*

7. Whilst the company will take reasonable care of the customers goods:- (a) it does not guarantee that stains or marks will be removed or soiled areas completely cleaned (b) it does not accept responsibility for shrinkage or colour migration arising out of, or as a result of, the cleaning process, or the use of any cleaning agent, unless these arise from lack of reasonable care and/or skill, nor does the company accept any responsibility for loss or damage due to defects of whatsoever nature in the article.

8. Where the cleaning process is carried out at the customer’s own premises, the customer shall be responsible for removing all furniture, goods or chattels for the purpose of cleaning. The company will not accept any liability for any damage caused to furniture, goods or chattels not removed by the customer, unless damage has occurred as a result of negligence or lack of care on the part of the company’s representatives.

9. (Save as hereafter set out) the company will not be liable to make good or pay damages to the customer for any loss or damage whether direct or indirect and howsoever arising. The only circumstances in which the company shall be liable to pay damages will be if:- (a) substantial damage is shown to have occurred as a result of the company’s negligence or lack of care or (b) the customer has notified the company in writing of the alleged damage within 10 days of completion of work.
*Conditions particular Touch Dry Restoration

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