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You will need to contact us to organise a FREE quote, explained toward the bottom of the page. Please take a minute to read why that is so important! 
  • As Touch Dry Restoration prides itself on providing an honest and exceptionally high standard of service, we cannot provide listed pricing for our services without having conducted a survey first. This is because no two jobs are the same in nature.
  • Whilst there are many companies out there which list their pricing on their marketing, unfortunately in most cases neither the pricing nor the company can be trusted as it is not economically viable to charge the same price for every job based on the number of rooms and the size of the suite.
  • The fact is you will, in most cases, be dealing with a company which probably doesn't have any fabric caring accreditations to their name, adequate insurance cover and if you find a company that sticks to this pricing, they will almost definitely possess very little or no knowledge of fabric care and restoration.
  • A small minority may have experience and knowledge, but those that do and plan to do a reasonably thorough job will still significantly increase their pricing either on entering your home or after doing the job. These type of companies have been exposed on the News in the USA, please see this video on You Tube:

The reasons why a survey of the job must be made prior to quoting are explained below:

  • Rooms vary in size from one house to another = varied cost of labour and cost of cleaning agents
  • Different methods of cleaning apply to different jobs = varied cost of labour and cost of cleaning agents
  • Wool or wool-mix fabrics require more expensive cleaning agents and method of cleaning
  • Some jobs require just a preventative clean (light clean), whereas others require a salvage clean (deep restorative clean)
  • Where there are many marks and stains, more time, skill and cleaning agents are required
  • In some properties, there is a lot more furniture to move or more heavy furniture than in others.
  • Perhaps the property is in a congestion charging zone, there is a higher cost for parking and the area concerned is on the top floor of a block of flats.
All these things play a part in the cost of doing a job and doing it properly. It is on this basis that Touch Dry Restoration offers a FREE quotation without obligation.
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